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Your Towing Reputation

Tow Truck On The Job

Tow Truck On The Job

Ask anyone about the towing business and you’re bound to hear reviews on the highest or lowest end spectrum. Either we “SUCK”, or we’re “AWESOME”. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of repossession or had your car towed away from a NO PARKING zone, you’re bound to get a very different answer from the family picked up in the wee hours of the night after their car ran out of gas on the open highway. While we always prefer to be the White Knight riding in to the rescue, the fact is: as long there are municipalities that have NO PARKING zones and folks that don’t pay their car loans, there are always going to be a need for “Black Knight” towing services.

It should come then as no surprise that tow truck companies don’t always have the most stellar reputations. To battle this stigma and for long term business viability, every Towing Service company should give some serious thought about how to consistently run their business ethically while managing their reputation in the face of the industry’s business reality.

Towing Business Ethics

An Ethics Code is something not often discussed in the tow service business, in today environment however it’s an absolute necessity. For ANY business large or small, integrity should be at the core of who you are as a company. Many good companies have this stated specifically in their Statement of Purpose as a sort of moral compass to guide their employees on the proper way to perform in any situation. As a tow truck operator, should I roll up to the scene of an accident before the police to get business? (See Code of Ethics) Should I quickly and carelessly hook a car and risk damaging the vehicle during a tow? (See Code of Ethics) How about towing in a NO PARKING zone that isn’t clearly marked? You get the idea.

Simply having a Code of Ethics is not enough unfortunately (think Lehman Brothers: they had an air tight Code of Ethics). Business owners and managers should reinforce integrity in everything they do in and out of the office. On a regular basis make it crystal clear to your employees about the proper way to handle common situations ethically.

Positive On-Line Management

Having a positive online presence is becoming a necessity in today’s environment, especially as a local business. Get yourself listed on social platforms like Google+, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and facilitate positive customer review when possible, Follow up with your satisfied customers to let them know specifically how to leave a positive review on the online platform of your choice, but never buy a review (see ethics 🙂 ) Getting involved in the community is also a great way to increase your positive exposure in the community. Volunteer your time, get your service truck in the local parade, get involved with your city’s Chamber of Commerce. All of these things will add up and will reinforce the perception that your business can be trusted to get the job done.

Poor Reviews

Despite our best efforts, a disgruntled customer will inevitably go online and post a negative review of your towing business at some point. Get used to it. Always respond to the review with facts, and avoid using retaliatory language. No matter how right you are, yelling in a post will always makes you look like the angry bad guy. And let’s face it: you did tow their car. We’ve found that it’s always a good idea to have our technicians keep a detailed ledger of their day, so any incident can be recalled and posted should the need arise.

Love them or hate them, the towing service is here to stay, but by being aware of your perception in the public eye and managing your reputation properly, you can your bottom line and help turn the industry perception more positive.

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