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Motorcycle Tow

Motorcycle Tow Durham

Motorcycle Tow Durham

Durham Towing understands motorcycle riders.  We understand the feeling of freedom pushing seemingly endless miles of road past on a 2 wheeler just as much as the next guy or gal in leather.   We also understand the need to have a reliable towing service at their disposal for transporting their bikes should an emergency occur oflong distance.

Not Just Anybody Can Tow a Motorcycle

By design, motorcycles are less stable on their 2-wheels than 4-wheeled cars or trucks. As a result a motorcycle tow requires a bit more finesse to transport. To prevent damage while securing the vehicle to a tow truck, Durham Towing uses motorcycle-specific wheel dollies and padded straps for transportation. While the other guys might use standard straps for towing your hog to the truck, we’d prefer to take the extra time to avoid scratching the fuel chrome or paint on your motorcycle.

And since Motorcycles cannot be towed with one wheel on the road (like an automobile tow using a Hook-and-Chain or Wheel-Lift tow truck), a motorcycle needs to be towed using a flatbed truck. With a hydraulically operated platform mounted on the back of a truck, flatbeds hydraulically tilt back to a ramp to permits an easy winch load of a motorcycle.

Needless to say, loading and unloading the motorcycle to and from the flatbed needs to be done with great care. By using an inexperienced towing team, you may be exposing your motorcycle to an accidental fall, which will cause dings, scrapes and possibly even internal damage to your motorcycle.

Why Choose Durham Towing?

Durham Towing Company has a knowledgeable team of professionals ready 24/7 to help you with your motorcycle towing needs. We pride ourselves on:

  • Long Distance Towing Services for Motorcycles
  • Our 24/7 motorcycle tow services
  • Our competitive fees and fixed pricing
  • Our motorcycle service and repair team
  • Our quick service – it normally takes us under 30 minutes to arrive at the scene!

What Can You Expect?

Durham Towing Company offers a wide range of services aimed at towing your vehicle safely and securely.  In addition to Motorcycle Towing, we offer the following services:

  • Flat tire replacement
  • Dolly, flatbed or wheels lift towing method
  • Emergency refueling
  • Battery replacement
  • Key duplication

If you have a long distance towing requirement or are stranded on the road with your motorcycle, trust the Durham Towing Company for all your motorcycle towing service needs.

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