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Our New Flatbed Tow Truck

With the countryside flying past you at 75 miles an hour in the friendly confines of your car, it’s easy to forget that your car, just like any mechanical device, will eventually breakdown someday. Unfortunately this always seems to happen at the *least* opportune time and never within walking distance of home! Perhaps it’s a flat tire, maybe your battery runs out, or your engine just cut out, or perhaps you’ve mistakenly run out of fuel miles from home, or locked your keys in the car.

These cringe worthy situations are stressful by themselves, don’t add to the stress by calling a fly-by-night towing company (aka – some guy with a rusty tow truck), who may, or may not, get your car to the tow yard with all of its original parts. Consider our checklist for choosing a dependable Towing Company below and take some of the worry about out of the situation:


Check to see if the prospective towing company maintains all the certifications from the state and local governing agencies to offer towing services in your locality. For towing capacities over 26,000 lbs. (c. 2015), the tow truck driver must maintain and commercial trucking license. If you plan on getting automotive repair done to your vehicle, make sure the towing service in accredited in Automotive service, like ASE.

Fully Insured

A good towing company should be liable for any damage to your car or if any repair or replacement isn’t done correctly. If the company you choose isn’t insured and certified, you could be spending a lot of money fixing their mistakes. Bottom line: Always ask for these important documents.


Look for a company for that offers a fixed price based on your issue and distance and *most importantly* ask the service provider about additional charges. These additional charges like “storage fees” or “flat bed” tows can take a towing bill from a reasonable $100 tow to a small home mortgage payment. And if you’re in the situation to comparison shop, ask for towing fees and any additional charges up front and compare to get the best deal.


In an emergency situation like a stranded vehicle, choosing a responsive towing service provider is especially important. A dedicated, local towing company offering 24 Hour Towing around the clock will more likely be there for you when you need them during an emergency. Make sure that the service area for the towing company you choose is close to where you are.

Towing Service Experience

More often than not years of experience in the towing business usually equates to a positive experience for the customer. Any Tower or Wrecker worth his / her salt can tell you that no two tows are the same, and it takes a company with years of experience to properly address your unique situation.

Repair On-Site

Save yourself time and money by going with an auto-service center that offers towing. Unlike smaller towing outfits, auto-service centers can repair your vehicle on site saving you time and the additional costs it would take to tow your car to be repaired.

Equipment Used

A good towing company should provide the right towing equipment based on your specific need. For standard automotive towing scenarios, you should insist on a Wheel-Lift tow truck, or one that cradles your frame and axles to limit damage from transport.

If you have a vehicle like a boat or motorcycle that can’t tow on two-wheels or you’re towing long distance, ask for a Flatbed Tow Truck. They’re more money, but the peace of mind on a ding-free ride is worth the price.

Durham Towing Company is a fully insured and certified towing business centered in Durham North Carolina that offers a full suite of towing vehicles to address your unique situation. We have an auto service center and wrecking yard on-site to get you quickly up and running again. Give us a call today at 919-805-3344 for your towing needs!

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