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Towing Service Call Expecations

Broke Down Car in North Carolina

No two tows are exactly the same. In fact, on any given day our Towing Service sees a number of different scenarios, each unique in their own way. Each requiring a proper assessment and response that only comes from years of experience in the towing business, As a matter of standard work, we process a towing service call in four distinct steps, 1. Vetting the Call 2. Securing the Site, 3. Assessing the Service, 4. Providing the Service

Vetting the Towing Service Call

Our call dispatcher’s primary function is to assess the type of towing service needed (stranded, accident, etc.) and the towing vehicle needed for the call. Once that information is gathered from our customer, it’s up to the dispatcher to assign the closest available towing vehicle to the scene. Since we understand that stranded motorists can be agitated based on their situation, we’ve trained our dispatchers to be cognizant, and likewise, to be patient in gathering the information.

Securing the Site

As the service technician rolls up to the service site, their primary focus is securing the area for the not only their safety, but for the drivers as well. We’ve heard of too many horror stories of towing operators and stranded drivers being injured or even killed because they didn’t follow basic road safety guidelines. If you’re happen to be involved in an accident and the police have not arrived, our job is to get the driver to safety and to wait until the police arrive before any other towing service is performed.

Assessing the Service

Once the site is secured, we get to work properly securing your vehicle to the tow truck. We will need to know where you’d like the vehicle to be towed, which may have a bearing on the type of equipment to be used. As a customer you have every right to be kept in the loop as far as price and what methods are being considered to tow your vehicle. You also have every right to request changes to the service as you see fit.

Providing the Service

Orienting your vehicle onto a tow trucks requires a good assessment and in some cases, on-site engineering, to get a vehicle from a ditch to the truck safely. For complex service calls, having an experienced tower can save you time, money and damage to your vehicle, especially when the vehicle extraction requires winching. Once safely on or behind our tow truck, we take our time getting your vehicle to wherever it needs to go. You’ll never see a Durham Towing Company tow truck speeding from location to location.

Need Towing Service?

Whether it’s towing cross country or your stuck in a ditch at 3AM, Durham Towing Company offers dependable 24-hour towing services anywhere in the Durham / Raleigh triangle and will ensure you and your vehicle are well taken care of.

Call us anytime at 919-805-3344 and one of our service technicians would be happy to talk to you.

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