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Stranded roadside? Remember These 5 Things

eb34b70f21f41c2ad65a5854e7444190eb72e6c818b514439df5c778a7e4_640-300x225.jpgHey everyone – I’ve got safety on the brain today.

After traveling down I-440 this morning I saw not one, not two, but THREE motorists on the side of the road, in their cars and without their hazards on! Let me tell you something: not many things scare me, but a Big-Rig cruising at 80 MPH by a frazzled owner-operator is one of them. How about a texting teenage kid with a driver’s permit? Scares me even more.

Bottom line: we’re seeing too many motorist lately putting themselves at risk of folks like these by not following some basic safety protocols.  In the event of a breakdown or emergency:  take our advice and follow these 5 simple rule to keep yourself safe in an roadside emergency situation:

  1. Put your hazards on! (This one goes should go without saying…)
  2. Pull over well into the shoulder on the road  (You can go overboard with this and we’ve towed a number of cars that have taken their cars into the ditch – so use your common sense.)
  3. If you have to leave your vehicle for any reason, get out on the passenger side. Sure it’s a pain in the butt, but so is being dead.
  4. Get yourself a roadside hazard kit or safety triangle if you need to work on your vehicle for some reason.
  5. Finally, if you need to permanently leave your vehicle, put a white sheet in the driver’s side window. This will indicate to the police, tow truck or emergency vehicle that the car is stranded. Keep one handy in your car along with an emergency kit at all times.


That’s it for today – stay safe and have a great holiday season!

– Carl

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