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Six Tips To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer

Staying Cool In Your Car

Staying Cool In Your Car

It’s nearly summertime in North Carolina, and you know what that means.  It’s going to be hot, and sticky and just plain uncomfortable – especially inside your car.  Take it from our towing service guys, they live it day in and out.

In this hot, and humid summertime climate, you’ll want to make sure you have a way to keep your and your car cool during these months.

These six tips will give you more control over the temperature of your vehicle.

1. Use A Window Visor

When your car is out in the sun, you’ll want to take steps to keep it from getting too hot. It’s a good idea to place a window visor over your windshield. If you have a visor like this, you’ll be able to mitigate the amount of sun that shines into your car.

2. Always Park In A Shady Area

Be careful about where you park your car. If you don’t have the option of parking in a garage, you should try to park your vehicle in the shade.

Temperatures can vary based on how much shade their is. If you pick a shady spot for your car, it won’t get as hot as it would otherwise. Try to find a parking spot that has more than enough shade.

3. Crack Your Windows

When you park your car, you should crack your windows slightly. You don’t want to leave your windows open; that would make it easy for someone to break into your car. However, a small crack is enough to allow air to circulate.

A tiny window crack can keep your car much cooler. When you step into a car with cracked windows, the air inside won’t be oppressively hot. You’ll still have enough room to breath freely.

4. Place Blankets Over Your Seats

If you have leather seats or metal seat belt fasteners, you’ll want to keep these things from getting too hot. You could easily burn yourself when sitting on a hot seat.

If you place blankets over your seats, you’ll be able to keep them from getting too hot. Keep blankets in your trunk; you can toss them over your seats whenever your car is going to be left out in the sun.

5. Buy A Solar Powered Fan For Your Car

Do you want a fan that will really keep your vehicle tuned in the summer? If you do, a solar powered fan could be ideal. You’ll actually be able to use the hot rays of the sun to keep your car cool. Look into having a solar powered fan installed in your vehicle.

6. Get Your Car Tuned Up

It’s a good idea to take your car into a body shop before the weather gets too hot. If you have your car tuned, you’ll be able to correct any problems.

It’ll be easier to keep your vehicle running cool if it’s operating properly. Have an expert look at your car and fix any problems.

The summer can be hard on cars, and it can be hard on drivers as well. Thankfully, it isn’t impossible to keep a car cool when the weather gets hot. All of these tips will help you to control the temperature of your vehicle.

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