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Keys Locked in Car

Looking at Keys From Outside

Looking at Your Keys from the Outside?

Here’s the situation: You’re in a hurry work and you’re fumbling with your bag and lunch as you go to close the car door. You suddenly realize you cell phone is still in the car, so you open up the car door again to get your phone, but then you in advertently drop the keys in the car and lock the doors from the inside and slam the door. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Yes, this scenario has happened to us more times than we care to admit). The folks here at Durham Towing can tell you first hand: it’s frustrating to have your car keys locked inside the vehicle.

Even with the use of so-called “Smart Keys”, designed specifically to help with people not lock themselves out of their car, AAA reported in 2012 that it came to the rescue of over four million members were stranded outside of their vehicles, a number that has not dropped even as use of smart keys has increased.

Keys locked in car?

We’ve seen it far too many times: out of sheer desperation, a lot of people that get locked out of their car make the unwise decision of breaking back into their car themselves. Once they’ve damaged their car with a homemade jimmy or “slim jim“, they eventually come around and call a locksmith or emergency service provider.

If you’ve got a modern car, you may be in luck in a lockout situation since some newer models never lock the door when the key is in the ignition. Some car brands like Mercury, Lincoln or Ford have a special door-mounted keypad that will let the car owner tap in a code to open the door. If you drive high end machines like the Mercedes-Benz’s M-brace, Hyundai’s Blue Link or GM’s OnStar, you will only need to call a toll-free number so the car can be remotely unlocked for you. Such hi-tech car security systems also come with apps that let their drivers unlock them via their smartphones.

The problem is that not everyone belongs to the above category of car buyers. In fact, most of us depend on car keys to unlock and still use them for starting the engine. Thankfully, even the low-end market is still being catered for, meaning when you accidentally lock your keys, you can get help as fast as possible. That’s where an emergency service provider like Durham Towing Company can help.

Let us help

If you’ve locked your keys in your car and need immediate roadside assistance in or near the Durham area or surrounding communities, consider calling a local full-service towing provider like Durham Towing Company. We’ve got a wide array of modern tools to handle all different types of cars to get you back in your vehicle and on your way again. In addition to locksmith service, Durham Towing also offers a full suite of emergency services including:

  • Jumping a dead battery
  • Replacing a flat tire your spare
  • Delivering gas when your tank is empty
  • Towing

…and since we’re local you won’t be waiting long for our service trucks to arrive. Call us today at (919) 805-3344

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