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Predatory Towers – Making Friends and Influencing People

For anyone that knows me or has been following this blog, you know how I feel about so-called Predatory Towing Companies.  As a business owner I understand very well the need to keep cash flow coming in, but I simply can’t understand how a company, in any field, expects to stay open when literally EVERYONE hates you as a business.

I’ll say it again:  If you want to build your business, build it on a solid foundation.  Serve the community your doing business in.  Put on the best face you can.  Join the St. Paddy’s Day parade in your town.  Grow your business by offering solid services, clean trucks, polite drivers and go where other companies won’t like Sports Car Transport.

Another case and point comes to us from Easton, Pennsylvania where not only are these towers charging ridiculous prices and lying in wait for violators, it sounds like they’re using foul language – now that’s where ol’ Carl draws the line!

I do take exception to the City Council’s explanation to concerned citizens by saying that “The city has no jurisdiction,” Murphy (The City Solicitor) said. “The city’s hands are tied.”

Look, the City Council does actually have the power to set rates and areas on where NO PARKING or TOWING ENFORCED areas exist.  To me, it seems like they are talking out of both sides of their mouths.  I’m sure the city is enjoying the extra revenue, but they should be protecting the same citizens that have entrusted them with governance.


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