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Don’t Be A Victim Of A Towing Scam

Maybe you run into run into some unforeseen trouble out on the open road, or perhaps you’ve got a dead battery in your very own driveway and you’re late for a hot date.  Getting rolling and on your way quickly is what businesses like Durham Towing Service are all about.

It’s easy to understand urgency and the vulnerability our customers are in, but we’re not looking for anything else but happy customers.  We’ve managed to stay in business all these years by making sure that any and all jobs are completed by the book with straightforward pricing and quality, on time service.

Unfortunately not all towing services are on the up and up; and some will try to take advantage of your vulnerability in order to make a quick buck.   In this article, you will learn how to avoid towing scams, so that you pay a fair price for the service.

The Big 3 Towing Scams

Many towing firms that are not legitimate pair up with body shops that are also trying to scam customers. They get money for taking the vehicle to a specific body shop, rather than going to another business that is on the up and up. Most of the time, if you encounter a towing scam, it will be of this variety.

In other instances, the towing company takes your car and puts it into a private parking lot (or something similar) and then make you pay an exorbitant rate to get it out. Most of the people affected by this scam parked illegally to start with.

A third type of scam happens when someone makes up a company and gets you to agree to allow your car to be repaired at that location. Your car is gone for good after it is taken away.

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from scams. First, always ask for the company’s license and insurance information. In addition, see if there is anything else the company can provide you with to prove its legitimacy.

Second, request a contract agreement. Get in writing how much you are expected to pay the towing company. There are unlikely to be “hidden” fees if you go this route, cutting down on your chances of getting scammed.

Finally, don’t agree to have the towing company take the car to a shop that they recommend. It’s up to you to relinquish control of your car, so don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable.

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