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Vehicle Salvage Yards

In general, people utilize auto Wrecker Services (sometimes known as Vehicle Salvage Yards) for two primary reasons:   (1) To get inexpensive parts for their vehicles and (2) to rid themselves of vehicles that are no longer running.

Below are benefits an auto wrecker service can provide as well as some reasons why Durham Towing would be an ideal company to consider for your vehicle salvage needs.

Affordable Parts

Salvage Yards are companies that deal with the transportation and dismantling of decommission vehicles. The usable parts that they scrap are sold to metal recycling companies, while their usable parts are stripped and sold for use in the parts after-market. In order to compete against new parts, these older parts reconditioned and are less expensive alternative to the original new manufactured parts.

Additionally, most people assume that auto wrecker services only tow away broken cars or trucks to vehicle salvage yards.   The truth is many Salvage Yards have incorporated Auto Repair Services into their operation to offer convenience to the customer by saving time and money by installing the discounted parts on site.

Removal Services

If you have an inoperable vehicle that requires expensive repairs well beyond the actual value of the car, you may be wondering what options are available to you in getting rid of the vehicle. In general, wrecker operations are as varied as the communities they serve.  Some salvage yards will charge a fee to remove a vehicle no matter what, while others may pay a premium for certain vehicles and yet other deal specifically with donations.

Here at the Durham Towing we commit to providing a fair assessment of your car based on the make, year and condition of the vehicle. We are generally able to accept any salvaged cars, however market conditions for parts and scrap do play a role and – at certain times – we’re unable to accept even donated vehicles.

Tax Write-Off

If you choose to donate your vehicle to a non-profit auto wrecker service, one of the other benefits you stand to gain is a tax write off.   Keep in mind that all states have certain requirements.   For titling and registration, local government red-tape is as unique as the regions they serve, so make sure you’re aware of the paper work involved.   For more information for the process in North Carolina visit the website Salvage Vehicle registration in North Carolina.

Why Us?

Durham Towing Company is a locally owned business based in Durham, North Carolina. We service the surrounding communities including Chapel Hill, Hillsborough and, of course, Durham (Go Bulls!). We offer a full suite of services including Wrecker Services, Emergency Roadside Assistance, and any and all of your towing needs. We have several years in the towing business and strive to offer a high level of clarity when it comes to our procedures and offer our services at some of the most competitive rates within Durham.

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