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Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Removal Durham

So you’ve made up your mind to remove that old junker sitting by the side of your house. What now? The first step is to pick up the phone and schedule a Junk Car Removal appointment from reliable Auto Wrecker in your area – like us the Durham Towing Company : ) . Auto Wreckers are in the business of pressing the last bit of value out of your car in the way of parts and scrap, so making the process quick and painless benefits not only you, but them as well.

Do you have to deliver it to the Wrecker?

A good Wrecker service will come to you in order to tow your vehicle using a hook and chain or wheel-lift tow truck which safely transports the car or truck to the wrecker yard.

Does the car need to be able to run?

Your car doesn’t need to be able to turn over, however if your car or truck is stuck on blocks, without it’s tires or in a difficult position for hauling, the wrecker may consider bringing a winch and flatbed tow truck on site to lift and haul your vehicle away. In this instance an additional Flatbed Tow Truck charge would be applied to the overall price of the junked vehicle.

How about Boats?

Durham Towing specializes in junked cars and trucks and is not able to accept boats at this time. If you have a junked boat to donate, there are reliable donation services in North Carolina like the Helping Hands Mission in Raleigh that may be able to take your vessel depending on the condition.

Involved in an Accident?

If you find yourself in a collision on the road in the Durham or Chapel Hill vicinity, our tow service will make the process quick and painless. We quickly remove and assess your vehicle for damage and – if the car is indeed totaled – Durham Towing has the means to junk the car and give you a fair value in return. If the accident is more of a fender-bender we have an in-house Auto Service Repair team on site to fix any issues as a result of the accident to get you back on the road.

Why Choose Us for your Junk Car Removal?

  • Reliable Staff – Since we’ve been in the wrecking service for years, we know how to deliver quick and consistent junk car pick up services so you can swiftly rid yourself of your unwanted vehicle and have cold hard cash back in your pocket on the same day Our trained technicians will make the process easy, providing a fair assessment on any wrecked vehicles as well as a clear understanding of the steps involved for removal and payment.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Durham Towing guarantees your 100% satisfaction. Our trained staff is committed to delivering top-notch removal services and stand by our work. We live and die by our reputation and only grow as a result of our past customer’s word of mouth.

In addition to removing junked or accident cars, Durham Towing Company offers standard towing and emergency roadside service as well. Give us a call today – you can reach us anytime 24/7 at 919-805-3344

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