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Buy a Salvage Car

Salvage Mercedes at Auction in Durham

Salvage Mercedes at Auction in Durham

Most people avoid buying salvage cars like the plague, typically associating salvage cars with horrible accidents, flooding damage or manufacturing defects. However, contrary to popular belief, you can find a great deal on a safe and reliable salvage vehicle – providing you know the process, and where to look.

What makes a salvage vehicle?

A salvage vehicle has been written off by an insurance company for a number of reasons. In most instances, a vehicle is declared a salvage if it suffers any damage that costs about 75-90 percent of its value. The insurance company chooses to compensate the owner instead of making an attempt to repair the vehicle.

What kind of damage leads to a vehicle being written off?

The most common cause of junk cars being written off is when they’reinvolved in an accident. Some collisions are so severe that the repairs to the car are valued at close to the cost of the actual value of the car. In such a scenario, it does not make sense for the insurer to pay for the repairs because they may even exceed the estimates. The insurer simply writes off such cars.

In case a car happens to be caught up in flooding situation and suffers extensive damage as a result, the car is simply written off and sold as salvage. The same case applies if a vehicle suffers from hail damage that proves extremely costly to repair.

In the event that a car is stolen and is not recovered within a certain period, the insurer is obliged to compensate the owner. If the car is recovered at some point in the future, it will be classified as a write-off and sold to a salvage agent. In some cases, a vehicle can be stolen and recovered within a reasonable time but will be found vandalized. At that point and insurer will assess the level of damage as a result of the vandalism and may write off the car based on the extent of the damage.

What happens to a vehicle that is written off?

Once a vehicle is written off by the insurance company, it is sold off to a wrecker business that specializes in dismantling cars for spare parts. If it is possible to repair the car however, and it makes financial sense, the garage can choose to repair the vehicle.

The repaired salvaged vehicle is then taken to a motor vehicle inspection agency for inspection of its state of road worthiness. If the car is found to be roadworthy, it is issued with a title clearly stating that it is a salvage vehicle. You are then free to buy a salvage car from the entities that the insurer has sold to. Keep in mind that the resale value will be severely diminished as a result of its’ salvaged status.

The bottom line: Being fully aware of the process is the key to purchasing a salvaged vehicle. If you know what you’re looking for, a knowledgeable consumer can certainly find great deals out there for these cars and, as long as the vehicle has passed inspection, you should feel confident in driving one.

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